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Rate Structure



Field Service, Programming*, Commissioning, Stand-By Time**, Terms****:



Regular rate (Monday – Friday)                                        $ 160.00/hr

Overtime rate (weekdays 5pm to 8am and weekends)  $ 240.00/hr

Holiday rate                                                                         $ 320.00/hr

Travel Rate***                                                                    $ 100.00/hr

Holiday Travel Rate***                                                      $ 200.00/hr



1. Travel Expenses (air/ground transportation, lodging, meals) will be invoiced at actual cost plus 15%. Local transportation costs applied where applicable at a rate of $0.75/mile. There are no travel expenses within a 25-mile radius of the Eugene/Springfield area. Travel expenses beyond a 25-mile radius of the Eugene/Springfield area will be invoiced at listed rates.


2. A Purchase Order number shall be provided prior to scheduling any service.


3. Minimum time charged for on-site work is four (4) hours per day at listed rates.


4. Remote access time starts when remote system is logged into and ends when logged out of remote system. Remote access software login and logout information logs will be furnished upon request.



*Long-term programming (described as consistent work done for one customer that spans more than one project, or one project that is expected to last more than 8 weeks) rate discounts may apply. Any discounts will be discussed and agreed upon prior to issuance of a purchase order.


**Stand-By Time is defined as time in which an NIA representative is available to do work but is prevented from doing so because of circumstances beyond his/her control. Billing for stand-by will follow the same rates as described above.

***Max eight (8) hours regardless of flight length, and is the same Monday – Sunday, except for holidays.

****Standard terms for long-term programming/commissioning are net 14 with weekly invoicing. Invoicing for field service occurs after service has been completed and is also net 14. Standard terms for projects not considered to be long-term are net 14 with invoicing according to agreed-upon intervals listed in purchase order (usually 50% down with issuance of purchase order (due immediately), 40% before commencement of commissioning, and 10% after project completion and customer acceptance).

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